Any Argos employees experienced the new Voice-Pick system?

Found 12th May 2014
Having recently changed over to the new voice pick system, I was looking to see if anyone else found it as frustrating as myself?
Seems all in all that it *in theory* is not a bad idea (works for deliveries), but is in general overcomplicating an already simple process for the sake of it.
Have found that it has quite a few teething problems such as slowing down the whole picking process, and during busy periods it seems to drop all its marbles!
I know most people in Misc won't have a clue what I'm on about anyway... :P
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Am currently at uni at the moment and haven't been back to my home store so I don't know if they've switched over but it seemed imminent at the time. It does seem like a lot of faff to do something like that for a job that was easy enough to walk round the stockroom with a paper ticket.

'Store of the future' where we ban the catalogue and use ipads.
Can understand moving away from catalogues. Costs a fortune to print all them I would say! But does it really save that much money not printing pick tickets? lol
Using computers instead of human logic for this task isn't helpful. I can know everything I need to from taking 3 seconds to look at a piece of paper, but it takes the headset forever to tell me and confirm etc...

If it ain't broke....
Its pretty simple who ever's the duty manager / in the stockroom needs to be monitoring it frequently.
How it works is simple, but it slows down the process and seems like an unnecessary addition just to follow in line with the whole 'Digital Store' thing. Even with monitoring, it fails when it comes to large orders.
Say for example someone purchases a 20-30 part order (Regular occurance at Christmas time). The system will require that each pick from that order is completed before it will move on to any of the next customers in line. Therefore all orders following will be heavily delayed, and leaves us to deal with aggravated customers.

I find the same happens when 'understaffed'. It requires more staff at any one time due to how slow it works, whereas before the same staff levels could have handled the situation very easily.
Obviously this means more hours for staff, which is a good thing! Don't get me wrong!...But I can't see it lasting if it is going to greatly increase payroll costs. Every business only exists to make profit. If a business decision reduces your profit, you ether revert the decision or make more changes.

Given that the system is only new, there will obviously be bugs and teething problems. I expect a great deal of changes in the future (possibly to even some of the problems I have outlined) but expect to see quite stressed employees in your local Argos at busy times for the near future :P
Is it not just teething problems, will it get better over time
I hope so anyway. I still find it slower than the previous system of paper pick tickets, but these problems could possibly be ironed out over time. Suppose it could be considered as a beta test, as not all stores have moved over to the system as of yet (Although to my knowledge all will quite soon).
However it does remove a bit of the human element out of the employees, as we have to listen to and follow the orders given to us by a headset. So we look somewhat robotic in our actions, and may accidentally ignore some customers as a result. I suppose using it will get more natural with time; the system has only been in my store for a week.
Customers haven't been best pleased with our speed of service so far with the system. It appears to prioritize certain actions over others; for example, items coming from the upstairs stockroom are prioritized over picks in the downstairs stockroom. This resulted in two people having to wait 10-15 minutes to get their item due to it being a very busy period of the day.
We've had voice pick for the almost 6 months now and it has been nothing but a farce from the first minute we started to use it. It is a pointless system and has done nothing to improve speed of service whatsoever. It has completely messed up delivery putaway as the stores are no longer bringing in a "delivery team" every morning, instead having one person upstairs on a headset and one person downstairs who have to put away delivery while picking any orders that come through on the headset. Delivery never gets put away on time and a lot of the time they can run into the next day, Friday deliveries more often than not end up finalised on a Sunday and sometimes even a Monday morning. I honestly believe they have organised it this way to save money on paying a delivery team to get in, get it done and go home. Instead relying on whoever is on Rota over the course of the day to put away the delivery. Even after 6 months none of the original problems have been ironed out. The system **** itself with any big orders. Even if it's 5 minutes to closing time and you have to pick the last customer 3 or 4 items you still have to stand there like an idiot at the bottom of the belt clearing each one before waking back and forth to the collection point before FINALLY handing the customer their items. So just to reiterate, it's complete and utter ****.
The new voice pick system is a complete disaster. Every member of staff including management find the new system unbearable and frustrating. Not only does it cause delays in picking we have to cover upstairs and downstairs stockroom because we get directed to do so by the headset. Even after you have climbed the stairs you have to undergo the humiliation of repeating "ok" "ok" "ok" infront of the customers at collection. Myself and the rest of the staf I have spoken to are deeply resentful towards head office for introducing this new system instore. We have complained to management about it and we just get told "its here to stay". Time for a career change I think!! GRRRR
I personally have only recently joined argos and find the headset very easy to use the world is being run by technology these days you have to keep up with the times
I am working as Christmas staff in Argos, I think it is a completely inefficient system. The headsets slow the whole process down, it's okay when just a few customers, the minute it gets busy it melts down, it back logs very quickly and chaos occurs! I'm sure a manual system would be far better.
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