Any Argos Stores have this in stock near you??

Found 10th Jan 2010
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2 left at cumbernauld?
none in Nottingham
Checked Swansea and surrounding areas but no stock sorry.
nothing with me.
None in MK
lancaster has 1 in, but im in Preston :-(

2 left at cumbernauld?

and some at Coatbridge too

]http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3494194/c_1/2%7Ccategory_root%7CToys+and+games%7C14417629/c_2/3%7Ccat_15701463%7CClearance+Toys+and+games%7C14521005.htm?Price+Cut=1OOS in mine.

Thanks for checking LLM - not holding out much hope
3 in stock in irvine
Paisley, glasgow silverburn, cumbernauld and livingstone each have one.

lancaster has 1 in, but im in Preston :-(

Already checked that area ;-)
oos here soz x
Would any of you guys be prepared to purchase and post up to me at all????
Paypal gift or cheque or whatever
1 left in Old Street London :thumbsup:
1 in dover kent
OOS in and around Birmingham
Where do you live cos they have it in Pontypool
one in ringwood road bournemouth available to reserve :o)

Where do you live cos they have it in Pontypool

I'm in Leeds
when i went to reserve the 2 left at cumbernauld there was only 1 left! so i have reserved it anyway
none here, sorry
none here in basildon
sorry, none in Plymouth, Exeter, or Cornwall branches
none in cardiff - was in the mood to be useful!
Thanks to everyone who checked for me
None in Hull. :-(
None in Bradford area sorry.

How much would it have cost you with postage etc if someone had bought for you. Only reason I ask is that you might be able to pick somehting similar up on Amazon for about £10. some exmaples below that i saw:


Nothing near me, sorry x
checked all my local ones around brighton but out of stock im afraid otherwise wud hav picked one up :-(
Out of stock near Hemel Hempstead
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