Any Arsenal Red Members?

Found 1st Aug
Good afternoon all.

Firstly, yes I'm expecting a few 'banter' comments and I welcome them... Apart from Spurs fans... You have no right to make fun :-)

So, I've treated myself to an Arsenal Red Membership for this coming season with the hopes to see a few games live. I'm sorry to say that I've only ever been to one Arsenal game before (in 2008) so am just after advice on the following...

Can I still buy tickets even if I haven't recieved my membership card yet (I believe the tickets are downloaded to the card so you can use it at the stadium).
Also, what is the best Tube station to get off at?
Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Its been a while since i've been but you need to scan the card at the stadium as you go in. The easiest station to get there is Finsbury Park and then its just a 10/15 minute walk past the old stadium and street vendors, although you can pile into 'Arsenal' on the way back.
also parking is free on the seven sisters road after 7pm. that's what I usually do. park up at 1901 10 minutes walk to the burger guy then into the stadium
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