Any AV experts out there? Sky+ to Onkyo 606 connection query

    Just been hooking up my new Onkyo TX-SR606 AV Amp, prior to the delivery of my new TV & Blu Ray Player. I should be able to connect my Sky+ box via S-Video & output the sound via Optical. I've plugged the S-video and Optical cables into the Onkyo amp expecting it to output via HDMI. Doesn't seem to work. I'm sure I have missed something obvious, but after a day of switching cables between various components my brain is fried!! Anyone got any ideas?


    There is a setting called HDMI monitor, make sure this is turned on. Also make sure that you connect the S-Video into the correct input, i.e. VCR/DVR if that's the one you are using. As you say, the 606 will de-interlace analogue sources and output via HDMI

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    Thanks, I'll give that a try. Had enough for one day though. I'll give it a go in the morning when my brain starts working again:)

    I have the 605 which is very similar. A fine amp.
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