Any Badminton Players

    Hi does anyone on the forum play badminton I'm thinking about takng it up again and wondering what type of racket I should buy.

    Is carbon still the lightest available? thinking of spending around the £30 mark any sites where i can user a discount voucher...

    So confused and tired just thinking about exercise lol.

    going swimming tonight for the first time in 5+ years (probably over do it)


    I used to play a lot of badminton, but now its just every so often (dodgy knees)... but in that time ive used a variety of rackets and brands and my personal fav has been karakal

    my fav sport is badminton, i used to play it 4times a week but dont have time these days i use slazenger one,light weight but remember no badminton racket will help you if your rubbish lol and a great player can use most rackets. However if i have a bad game i blame the racket! lol

    [SIZE="2"]Wow - more badminton enthusiasts! :thumbsup:

    Like the xbox v Ps debate, some swear by yonex raquets and others by non-yonex raquets. I don't do yonex: I use a Carlton raquet.

    What I suggest is that you go into a sport shop and feel which one feels best. If the price is too high, go home and find it online. I've bought £100 raquets for £50-£70 online.

    Good luck.

    [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"]If anyone wants to play me, I live in Glasgow and would be delighted to play???[/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    I am Good but not that Good NO way i can play you from Here unless we get a really good Wind Both Ways.

    I use a carbon yonex most of the time but i do have a [SIZE=2]Carlton raquet i guess its just preference.[/SIZE]

    i use yonex.

    Carlton is good.I kick ass ( or cock) when i use my carlton lol

    Go to a GOOD shop, try a few rackets (for feel, balance etc), search the internet for the best price, then buy one.

    If you search the makers' sites (Carlton, Yonex, Karakel etc) you'll see the rackets graded according to how good they are - any 'club' racket will do you, there's no need to waste money on better ones (unless you like wasting money:giggle: ).

    And yes, I know I spelt 'racquet' wrong, but 'racket' is much easier to type:giggle:

    I have always used Yonex :thumbsup:

    we used to play every week, i had a really expensive racket under the name of was so light lol

    Original Poster

    i'll have a look in the sport shop in town when I get a free hr or so... thanks for the replies...


    I am Good but not that Good NO way i can play you from Here unless we get … I am Good but not that Good NO way i can play you from Here unless we get a really good Wind Both Ways.I use a carbon yonex most of the time but i do have a [SIZE=2]Carlton raquet i guess its just preference.[/SIZE]


    yonex are the best. Quite pricey though

    Instead of making your purchase purely based on the rackets' weight you should focus on how it feels in your hand and if it is a 1 or 2 construction.

    1 piece construction is far superior as there are no joins in the metal of the racket.

    In a 2 piece construction the racket head and shaft are manufactured seperately and then joined together (usually where the shaft meets the racket head furthest from the grip.)

    Titanium is the best material but you can easily spend £100+ on a titanium racket.

    I think ]this would be a good choice


    *Edit* I thought this was about playing bad mitten.

    I also prefer the lightweight yonnex, I prefer my weight distributtion to be a little bottom heavy for power. Like others have said best bet is to go and swing a few in a shop not hitting people though.


    I use Browning, but also have a Yonnex. I find the Browning much better ad stronger.

    M&M Direct did have some Browning reduced to 20 - 30 from 170 the other month try their.

    i use yonex

    missus uses carlton

    we cannot swap though - i hate hers and she hates mine

    heya guys,
    yeh wel iv always though rather than what make or price the racket is if it feels gud then it is gud. its just that the higher end rackets generally had better technology in them which makes them easier to use and have better performance.

    i currently play county and lower level national tournaments so i play quite often. i currently have about 7-9 rackets in my bag depending on if im training coaching or playing a match/tournament.

    i have a few really expensive yonex rackets that i treat really nicely. but mainly i use my forza rackets, as theyr cheap and our uni is sponsored by the. theyr actually really good value.

    i even have a promotional code to get 10% of from his internet store and all me and my team mates and club friends use it.

    website is
    and the voucher code is RAYYIP

    any badminton questions feel free to ask!(i also coach the girls squad.....oh yeh!!)
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