Any bands in Middlesbrough/North want somewhere to pratice/play gig?

    My auntie has told me to advertise as the club is empty and therefore would like bands to fill it up - either practising or playing a gig, the room is free to hire.


    cant she put up a few flyers in the local college, i bet most of the unwashed emo kids have formed bands

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    Yeah shes going to advertise it in the Uni.

    Im just spreading the word...

    Thnik i should try gumtree?

    try the riverside, around 24 inept employees, looking for new hobby. the main guy's called gary

    she could organise regular jam sessions, word soon spreads

    i just got a guitar, when i've learnt play i might take up your offer lol

    Which club is it in Boro?And i'll pass word round.

    I like to mumble along to my fave songs, can I have a headlining spot please? lol

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    Which club is it in Boro?And i'll pass word round.

    Teesside Bridge Social club - North Ormseby.

    Yeah something like jam sessions is what she had in mind aswell - free to play.
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