Any bargin deals on washing powder...

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Found 29th Nov 2009
I'm in need for some washing powder to last me until come January but I am having NOO luck. Does anyon have any ideas/suggestions of where I could get some please either;

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morrisons doing fairy liquid type in bottle 26 washes for £4,

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Thanks for that, dont really use liquid though find if finishes way too fast!!

tescos have a lot of deals on premium washing brands. i wont list them, but they have bogof's and extra free on various types.

sure i saw biggish boxes of surf in morrisons for £3, worth checking if you have a local store

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Thanks guys, yeah I checked out Tesco's website but nither there or Morrisons is far from me so i'll check and if anything good, i'll post it

I went in tescos other day and they were doing the big boxs of bold half price....Just car' nt remember the amount of wash's thou per box but they were fairly large @ £4 someat a box.

Don't forget to try Wilkinson's as well as they had some big boxes of washing powder in there last week cant remember the name was purple box something with lavender , they were on promo which i usually Wed to Wed.

i get mine off fleabay, a 10kg bag of broken persil tablets that are crushed and i pay about £17 approx but it lasts me about 4 months

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aBOUT the bold apparently its finished now however they do still do it online bummer is the delivery to get it just isnt worth it!
Called up Wilkinson's because their quite far from me and they only have the 800g?
feabay? how does that work....

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Guys I found a deal that I think is fair....Asda's doing Bold washing powder 50 wash for £8

Not sure if you have a B&M Bargains near you but they sell brand name huge boxes of powder for £15.
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