Any better deals after year's Sky subscription is nearly up?

Found 22nd Sep 2017
I am currently paying £62.24 a month for the Sky Variety TV package, Talk Anytime and Sky Fibre Unlimited. I joined Sky last year (from Virgin Media) and was given the Sky+HD box around two weeks before they started only giving out the new Sky Q boxes. I had a really pushy Virgin Media employee call me up today to see if he could convince me to go back to them - I was offered the Full House bundle - 100 MB fibre, V6 box ( 1 TB) and free calls all day, including to mobiles, 0845 and 0870 numbers - for £60 a month.

If I stay with Sky, I would like a cheaper package and also one of the Sky Q boxes which they now give to all new customers, however, they are asking me for £199 if I want to upgrade to one. Has anybody had any luck in getting one these boxes for free, seeing that they are automatically given to new customers, not existing customers who don't already have one? My first year with Sky is up at around 14th October. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I,m getting skyq next week for same price as current package, it was posted on here and free if UV been with sky for 15 years.

Sorry just read it's your first year.

Regarding a cheaper sky deal that's unlikely as you must have got a good deal last year when you joined?
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Not sure how much cheaper you'll get, has it just gone up or is that the deal price? They might keep it around that, if I were you I'd ring them and see what they say. I generally flit between them taking advantage of new person offers. You can also complain about the Sky+ box, they'll probably offer a new one
I paid £21 for just tv, all channels, on demand box sets etc. Retention deal
I have just noticed an email that I got two days ago from Sky. It says that they are giving me another 12 months at the current price that I have been paying for the past 12 months, but that it is not a new contract. I'm just wondering, if I click on the website that I am thinking about leaving, with this new offer, they won't try and charge me for the next 12 months (seeing that they are saying it is not a new contract)?
I pay £45 a year for every channel available through iptv
After being mugged off by sky and paying ridiculous prices it had to be done
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thinking of joining sky wot deals are about??
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