Any better road bike for under £1000?

    Looking at a new bike as my introduction Cube Peloton with Sora groupset which I paid £400 new is a bit tired. I've spotted this Cube Attain which has 105 groupset, disc brakes and at £750 it seems a good deal. Anybody agree/disagree or could give an opinion or different option I would be grateful.…016


    Hi Nathan!

    I'm not an expert cyclist, but some of my colleagues who are pretty hardcore always recommend to go to ebay. The reason being that they've been able to find other hardcore cyclists with deep pockets that do change their very expensive bikes every couple of years.


    I second Ebay, have a look at the boardman bikes, you get a very well speced bike for your money

    have a look at planet x, you get a lot of bike for the cash

    Alpha1beta posted this in response to wiggles zener d2 at £895 - (both carbon frames but nearly same spec otherwise)…dow
    Unless that is you need the 50cm frame
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