Any Binocular experts?

    Im after some good-ish binoculars. I was heading toward the £70 mark.

    i want them mainly for looking at wildlife/ birds.

    Have been mooching a lot, and found a couple that look quite good.
    Firstly, the compact -…spx

    and also this mid sized Nikon.…968

    I do like the chunk of the Nikon, but if the Pentax has similar specs, then it would be silly to carry round extra weight.

    anyone got one of these? any tips?



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    gone off the idea of big ones now.. anyone know the cheapest price on a Pentax Papilio pair?

    Jessops is **** dont buy anything from it my dad says, he fixes binoculars hes an expert he could go into detail in what to buy but he says he cant be bothered LOl oh well sorry

    I can thoroughly recommend the Action Extremes having used the 8x40s for over a year now. Very well made which is something that cannot be said of my last pair (Pentax) which fell apart internally (stress fracture) after around 8 months moderate use.
    Considering the AE's light gathering is, technically, average at a factor of 5 (objective lens dia divided by magnification gives you an indication of how bright or, essentially, clear, the image is) I continue to be surprised at the brightness of images. A dull day is transformed into a sunny one (well almost!). I also use them for astronomy, although admitting that the 7x50 would definitely be better, but for all round use and considering the price these can't be beaten.
    I also bought my eldest daughter (9) a pair of the standard Action 7x35 to start her off in astronomy and she loves them. They're not that much smaller than the 8x40 so I don't think bulk or weight will actually be an issue in day to day use.
    An additional bonus is the high eye relief which basically means that it is easy to adjust the eye cups to a distance that means you can see all of the image even if wearing spectacles.
    I wouldn't recommend the Papilio or any similar sized units simply because the image is simply not bright enough for serious use.
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