any body with virgin for broadband ?

    i am currently on their medium package 2mb broadband and phone package, went to upgrade my bb to 10 mb, would be another £7 on top of what i was paying, so decided against it, but the operator told me virgin will be upgrading everybody on medium package broadband to large ( 10 mb ) in the summer for free, so if anyone is thinking of upgrading their bb, i suggest hang on a few months, hope this helps peeps.


    :thumbsup:Thanks was thinking about it

    Does that mean the people on large will get upgraded to XL 20mb??

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    Does that mean the people on large will get upgraded to XL 20mb??

    not sure will have to phone and ask them

    Just had a quick check on the site, looks like they don't actually offer the S or M broadband packages so 10mb looks like it'll be the entry level!

    Just upgraded mine from M to L and paying the £7 extra. I don't have a seperate router & get the broadband though the cable box, I was told I would only receive between 4-6mb when on the large package.

    I actually get about 6-7mb on average. Not bad & the download speeds are great.

    There was an offer on for existing customers (on their website) to upgrade to L for £16.99 per month, when I enquired though they said you had to sign a new 12month contract & if you leave (like move to a house in an area without cable) you have to pay £20 disconnection fee for every service you receive. Rip off really as I've been with Vigin (aka. NTL, aka. C&W) for 8 years!!

    Bring on my free 20mb upgrade I say!!

    This is only of use if the local exchange has also been upgraded to handle these speeds. For example, I got a free upgrade to the 20MB package but the problem is that the exchange that Virgin route my broadband through can only handle up to 6mb so I dont get the benefit of the 20MB package, nor anywhere near it.

    cool if true!
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