Any BT Broadband & On demand tv users out there?


I keep wanting to switch from my current ISP (F2S) to BT Broadband, but bottle out at the last min because I'm not keen on BT 18 month contract and think their basic package of £13.99 and 10GB allowance s is enough for our family usage.

I need help deciding whether to go for just BT Broadband or the tv package as well. To complicate the decision, I also used to be with Sky+ (over a year ago) and thinking of going back to them.

Currently have:
Humax freeview PVR and able to record on it,
BT line with free evening and weekend calls
F2S (that has been taken over several times now with Opel part of Talk talk). (pay £14.99pm for F2s and 40GB allowance)
Call1899 for International calls

Am getting fed up with the **** service from F2s/Opel and trying to get through to their customer support.

So anyone with BT Broadband that could recommend them or offer any advice would be appreciated.



All I can say is BT's customer service is the worst I have ever come across. Also they seem to use some questionnable ways of changing your contract.

Personally I wouldn't have BT Vision, Waste of time, BT was ok for me but Sky are slightly better, certainly with TV.

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So I guess by the response, nothing positive about getting BT Broadband???

Trouble is finding a half reasonable ISP. Thanks Shauneco and Taosway, think will give BT vision a miss.
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