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Found 12th May 2018
I am building a pull up and parallel bars in my garden. I just wanted some advice on setting up the 4 posts for the parallel so that they are aligned and square. Should I setup the bar between the posts and try to align both posts at the same time? Or shall i setup 1 post and then install the second one, and then repeat for the other side. Bearing in mind that i will have to make sure that the distance between the posts is identical, setup at the correct distance to fit the bar (with flanges). Thank you
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Concrete the posts in a bucket. You can drill a few holes or put a bolt through to help it hold firm. Remove bucket when set. Now dig a big enough and deep enough so that the bucket sized concrete bottoms fit in. Place the 4 posts with the concrete set at bottom in the correct position and fix it all together. Use batons to gauge distance and maybe a sheet of hardboard at £5 as that is nice and square and can be marked if needed. You can keep the verticals lined up with board edges. When you happy and all together pour concrete around leg bases
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Like the bucket idea!

If you purchase a square, it will help with your angles. You can measure across the diagonals to guage all-round squareness.
I buy a sheet of hardboard and cut the corner off to make a giant set square. Good when tiling floors or erecting something. It's cheap and disposable
I'd build it first - having the posts sitting in the pre dug holes, ensuring everything is parallel/square (with additional timber diagonals screwed to the structure to hold everything in place) then I'd concrete it in - then leave it for a few days before removing the additional timber.

Very difficult to get single posts perfectly vertical etc when there is nothing supporting them.

Also - try to dig very narrow holes - use a hole borer if you have one (or hire it) or a spit - saves effort/time/concrete. Put a few inches of gravel at the bottom of each hole and this should help the posts not to sit in any water. Use a 3:2:1 gravel:sand:cement mix - and really tamp it down around the base of the posts.
Thanks guy, Van1973 that's what i was thinking to do, i need an extra pair of hand because i think on my own it is going to be a bit of a struggle.

Wayners, that's a good idea too I guess,

Thank you!
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