Any bulldog broadband customers out there?

Found 7th Jun 2008
As subject, just wondering what folks are thinking, or their experiences of the migration to Pipex Homecall.
Very misleading info so far, staff giving conflicting information, web site is poor.
Would appreciate other's thoughts
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I am one. My cost is going up by £7. I asked for a MAC code to change and never got it. Very poor service. I used to work for them too :-(
When you say your's has gone up by £7, may i ask based on what?
A long phone call i had today, said they will honour my recently renegotiated deal for the reminder of the 12 months, then i go back to month-to-month but i won't be paying more i was told
Based on what I pay now lol
Oh dear, doesn't sound so good :-(
Just rang them for a MAC code and they won't give me one lol, say i have what's called a MPF product and i have to contact BT instead
Have done, get the changeover on the 25th June which means i then have to find a good and useful, non-throttling ISP.
Thinking Be might be the best, a few days to look around it seems
Will be weird having no 'net at home, 1st time for ages :-(
Sky do pretty good packages. Im just about to switch from Virgin to Sky, only heard good things about them and they have won awards recently.

Chatted to a guy who works for Car Phone Warehouse, he tried to sell me their broadband I told him I was going with Sky he emitted that is what he had at home.
I used to be a bulldog customer, worst customer service ever! They took more money than they should have done and I had to fight tooth and nail to get it back.

Also I wouldn't touch BT with a 10ft bargepole, their throttling, constant foot dragging over improving their network (we have some of the slowest broadband speeds in Europe thanks to BT) and association with phorm are enough to make me never buy a BT product or service again.
Thanks for recent comments
I'm off come Tuesday/Wednesday, joining BT for landline, then probably Be or O2 for broadband. Downside, it will take some time for them all to get sorted :-(
Agree bulldog can be a pain, but to be fair, in some 2 1/2 years, only 2 days downtime.
Customer Service is bad at times but we'll see now

Cannot get Sky due to line of sight issues alas, would like to......
Been through it all....
Bulldog - great line/DL and unlimited downloads...**** service when I needed it,,,but hey, nothings perfect.
Got the letter saying if I wanted to cancel due to the new pipex migration and phoned up.
Got nowhere!
The lass called Julie said contact BT and ask to be shifted. I said I need a MAC CODE and she said ring BT.
So I did, they said nothing to do with them. I rang back and guess what - Got Julie again.
I said the info was duff and BT do not know what Pipex wanted, so I asked for MAC code again and she said I have to talk to BT "Wholesale" and she gave me a different BT number.
So I did the ringing and again, BT said nothing to do with them.
I rang back and got a Tom on the line and he said he would request a MAC code within 5 working days...7 days later I rang and asked where it was and they said no request had been made!
I just told the CS rep that they had broken the terms of their agreement and not issued a MAC code within the time allocated and she aplogised.
Withing 5 hours (despite her saying 5 days again) I got an email and will shift to BE broadband!
phew...Why is it so complicated?

So to all out here...Good luck on the service and I hope you get where you want to BE.
Welcome to the site Shlozzy

Does sound like you had fun with Bulldog too :giggle:
Interested to hear you did get a MAC code, eventually.
I was told i don't need one, since i have an MPF product and can only return to donor (BT)
Might be what you have/had is subtlely different to what i do.
It's not been good PR by Pipex/Bulldog/Tiscali, very poor

I like the sound of BE, good speeds, sounds like good Customer Service too. I want it really for gaming and d/loading, although some of the 02 broadband offers seem just as tempting

Would be interesting to see how many customer's have left Bulldog over this, or how many have stayed cos they don't realise just what is gonna happen......
"I was told i don't need one, since i have an MPF product and can only return to donor (BT)"

Believe it or not - that is what Bulldog told me - Return to donor! So I persisted and got the mac code...Not sure if mine was the same product as yours boydent999?
As a note - I was with another line rental company, but they went bust and I migrated back to BT line rental. Shortly after this I was requesting my MAC code from bulldog.
Hope this helps some.
Just signed with BE and they seem quick and responsive so far.
Perhaps we were on a different product shlozzy, since i had phone and bb from them.
When i spoke with BT said it was fine, i didn't need one either once i explained i had this MPF they said it was fine and they'd do all the rest, so i have to hope they can :giggle:

It does help, always helps to find out how other's are getting one
There's a thread on digitalspy about this, situation seems just as messed up :-(
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