Any car electricians?? advice on Angel Eye fitting on car

    Ok im thinking of buying the angel eyes headlights in chrome for my car, altho how easy is it to wire up etc?
    Iv been told you need to boost the power to give better brightness is this true?

    Any advice or things ill need to get the best out of one would be great, or if anyone else has fitted them



    guessing u got a saxo? and ur angel eye lights are LED? then, it shouldnt need 'better power output' (unless its a special setup?). But connect them the right way round.. when testing.. flick it on then off v quickly just to check. if the polarity isnt correct it could blow the LED if left on for more than.. i think 1-2 secs?

    alternatively you could change the LED's to more brighter ones, this depends on the quality of the unit itself and how easy it is to dismantle.

    Edit: Also, if you did want them brighter (but higher chance of them not lasting as long and possible power surges which can blow the LEDS. U could put less resistance resistors to make them brighter, but again it depends on the above. (generally it should be around 330ohms IIRC, i've stuck 2 in | | before and LED's still worked for a long time :-D)

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    Nah mate its a Vaux Astra i have 51 plate SXi
    its this item number on Ebay 300271318652

    are u sure they dont need a booster? iv been told sometimes there less nrighter than normal standard bulbs.???
    thats why i was thinking you might need like a booster kit.

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    do you not need an HID conversion kit?

    umm.. ok. U can get HID conversion kits if u wanted for them but its not suggested as it'll fail MOT straight away (plus they're annoyingly dazzling, expensive and doesnt light up the road as much as normal lighting imo).
    The sidelights (angel eyes), are most probably lit up by LED's so they wont be 'bright' light Audi LED clusters unless u mod them. A dab of soldering and fiddling would make them brighter. Its not advised to put more power into LED's because theres already enough power there, its just been restricted because LEDs run @ ~3 Volts, whereas ur car is 12-14v's. I believe the LED's they supply will be pants.. so u'll need higher rating ones if you wanted brighter and them lasting longer.

    Don't get angels eye's, there so out of date. What you want is HID's.

    You can get them from Ebay (plenty of customers of Dianne-Shop inc myself), 2 ballasts, 2 bulbs & all the wiring to plug into your existing system


    umm.. ok. U can get HID conversion kits if u wanted for them but its not … umm.. ok. U can get HID conversion kits if u wanted for them but its not suggested as it'll fail MOT straight away (plus they're annoyingly dazzling, expensive and doesnt light up the road as much as normal lighting imo).

    Thats utter b******s - mine passed with HID's in March this year. You just need to make sure they line up OK, if not, get them aligned (about a tenner) - mine were perfectly aligned when I installed them though & I have never been flashed or pulled over with them in.

    From what i last heard they need to have eletronically (self) aligned? apologies for the BS if its wrong :-P

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    yeh the item number i gave for ebay has the bit that looks like its HID plus has the angel eyes

    i think tere pretty cool lol

    iv ordered them anyway, ill fie them and see what they look like.....this will be a test lol wiring them up !! unless its pretty straight forward

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    Chris give me a link to ones your thinking of, if im not happy with the Angel eyes ill get the kit and get a pro electrician to fit them lol

    my brother put angel lights on his 206 and he isnt an electrician or a mechanic so i cant see it been all that difficult....the only problem is the angel light lowered the direction of the normal they were just facing approx 2 meters in front of the car....basically useless for night time driving....any suggestions on how this could be sorted while were on the subject???? or is it just that the angels are too big for the car?

    Here you go, £35 delivered & they have been tried & tested on around 50 cars that I know of (18 month warranty as well)

    Ebay Item No: 290267479343


    From what i last heard they need to have eletronically (self) aligned? … From what i last heard they need to have eletronically (self) aligned? apologies for the BS if its wrong :-P

    Factory fit HID's are self aligning & self cleaning - it's a grey area if you install them yourself without this, but if you make sure they are aligned properly, then you will have no issues (i litereally installed them, checked the alignment, & went...)

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    Chris what pack do i need for a vauxhaul astra 98-04 ?
    they packs are just H1...i have no idea what mine are

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    Ok Chris iv taken your advice and cancelled the Chrome Angel eyes....
    right, now then..... as above what pack H7.. H4 etc what pack do i need to buy?
    which K will i go for 10000 8000???

    Iv looked on U tube and it looks pretty easy to install, its just really places to fix the balasts to might be the problem

    Your headlights are H4 so get those.

    It's up to you on the temp, but I would go for 6000k (these are almost pure white with a tiny little blue in them from certain angles - 8000k is quite blue, 10000k is purple) - the higher the temp though, the more spread the light is (i.e not as focussed).

    It is easy mate, I located my ballasts on either side of the engine bay. 1st one went behind my battery cover. For the 2nd one, I unscrewed one of the grill holder screws, placed the ballast holder between the screw hole, and put the screw back in

    It will be different on yours, post a pic of your engine bay & I'll have a little look for you.

    You'll also need LED sidelights (501), as your existing sidelights will look too yellow & spoil the look.
    I reccommend these (…tml)

    Here are some pics (not my car, but same sidelights & HID's)

    Sidelights only

    With HID's on

    Give me a shout if you need any help

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    U sure mate its H4 ??
    I thought it was H7

    H4 is single reflector, H7 twin reflector - just look in your manual ;-)

    Looked online & they seem to be H4, but please do check 1st…293

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    Thats for a saxo....iv got an astra

    see post #14 lol

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    You might have given me the wrong led aswell mate.....i have an astra 98-04

    lol, your names confising me now ;-)

    Check your manual for what bulb you should put in (it ill be H4 or H7) - the sidelight one is universal !!

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    Chris send me your mobile number private mail please, ill text you

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    if you dont send the number....
    ok you have the dipped beam which is H7
    and the side lights which is 501

    what about the main beam which is HB3....what would go into that or is it not needed

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    Hiya mate - main beam is not needed (this is what comes on when you flash) - buying HID's for this will be a waste of time, and your bulb life will be greatly shortened as your only using it for seconds at a time

    You wont even need your main beam on the back roads when you get HID's !!

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    Ah right cool, send me your number anyway Chris, just incase i get stuck and need help and your not on
    cheers buddy

    oh i forgot, can you buy angel eyes and fit the HID kit into it?

    You can, but you dont want to............

    You have my number, any issues, give me a text

    Original Poster

    Well i have and i want to ...... hehehe

    thanks for the help Chris, ill text or call you if i come into problems...hopefully it shud be all straight forward.....
    u know what all us guys are like tho....soon as we get the thing the instructions go out the window lol
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