Any car mechanics out there? Honda CRV cruise control no longer working

Found 2nd Jul 2014
My cruise control on my 2005 Honda CRV no longer works. There's a button on the dash you are supposed to press and you usually get the little green light to let you know it has been switched on but no green light is appearing. It seems to me to be a fuse with it being a light. Does anyone have any ideas where the fuse box is located for the cruise control button?
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You're talking about two different things. Is it that your cruise control doesn't work - or is the light on the button not working. You need to be clearer.
I believe in the CRV, the bulbs that light up the on the dash are prone to going.

They use a specific "micro bulb" refer to a dealer or the manual for the exact part. If you take a "pot luck" with trying to buy the right bulb then you might end up blowing a lot of ones that are not right!

You can try the fuse but I believe the fuse will probably lead you to a light assembly that contains a number of bulbs. To replace the actual bulb for the CC you need to remove the button from there it should be obvious. You can also check the existing bulb.

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I would check the brake and clutch switches as the cruise control won't come on if these are faulty
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