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Any Car Mechanics Out There? Problem with my Honda CRV

Posted 8th Jul 2012
Hi I have a Honda CRV 2005 (55) plate 2.2 Ctdi diesel and I've been having trouble with it recently. Ok it's a long story but hopefully someone will have the patience to read it and help out.

Last week I was driving the car and my cd player cut out, my speedometer didn't work and my lights went dead. On the dashboard my abs light, engine management light and battery light was on. The car wouldnt start when I turned off the engine. In the morning I didn't think it would start as the battery appeared to be completely empty. The car started straight away but every min or so the battery light would come on.

I took the car into Kwik Fit (only because they were offering a free battery and alternator test). They told me my alternator was fine but my battery was 63% and unserviceable. I went out and bought a new battery and got a fitted at my local garage.

Since having the new battery I continue to have the same problem. The battery light would come on and off approx 10 times in a 3 mile journey. I got the fright of my life the other day as I was on the motorway and my engine cut off, lights etc everything. There wasn't even enough battery to put on my hazard lights.

Road recovery came and jump started my car and it went straight away. The guy told me there was nothing wrong with my battery. I suggested that there could prob be a problem with the alternator. The guy told me know as he said my car wouldn't be able to start straight away and the lights would be very dim. He sent me on my way and 2 mins later the light came on again for low battery but luckily I managed to get the car home.

I took my car into the same local garage that fitted the battery and they told me they would have a look. They phoned me later in the afternoon and told me that there was a interment problem with the alternator and a new one supplied and fitted would be £596!!

I phoned around a couple of places and fit the same price approx £500 for the part plus fitting. When I explained to another mechanic they told me it was unusual the battery light was going on and off. They said if it was a problem with the alternator then the light for the battery would probsblt remain on until it cut out. He told me it could be something as simple as a loose or faulty wire with the alternator. He told me to turn everything on in the car and the battery light should come on fairly quickly.

I just went out to the car turned on the engine, lights, brights, window wipers front and back, air con etc and sat in the car for 15 mins with no lights coming on? Do you think this could be a faulty connection with the alternator?

I just hope the garage never took the lazy option and just assumed the alternator was faulty as £600 is a lot of money to pay as opposed to a couple of quid for a faulty wire. If the alternatir does need replaced then I can order this online as its only about £200 but problem is each Alternatir is specific to each car. How am I supposed to know what model of alternator is the correct one without getting someone to take it out. I had a look myself and on the Alternator there is a barcode with RMA004970D but I can't find any reference to this online.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You went to not so kwik fit, go to your honda garage and get a diagnostic test.
Sounds like a bad connection somewhere as its not doing it standing still, only while moving. This doesn't mean its not internal to the alternator though. I would follow databar's advice and take it to a main dealer and ask for a engine diagnostic check, this will show what error codes are being generated and hopefully will point you in the right direction, cost shouldn't be more than half hours labor.
sounds like a wiring fault either external-earth problem or internal with the alternator. There should be a sticker on the alternator showing the make, Bosch, Valeo etc plus it should say what amperage rating it is.
You can check the alternator output yourself if you have a multimeter, voltage checker whatever you want to call it.

If so or you can borrow one start the car and put the meter on volts dc then put each probe on each post on the battery it should read 14.4 volts.

Then turn on headlights, heated screen etc and check it again, it should be nearly the same if it's not then your alternator isn't charging properly but it might be a loose or corroded wire not the alternator itself, especially with you saying it's intermittent.
Kwik Fit just wanted you to buy a battery that you didn't need. Why do you think they do "free" checks?!
Could it be a dodgy earth somewhere?
I had similar issues with a new Vauxhall (11 reg astra) and from what I got back it was some kind of relay switch problem......................our car had cutting out problems randomly on short journey and light would be on then of on the dash but not the little spanner funnily enough........................car was changed until they fixed it but it was a relay switch or relay something.

Hope that helps, seemingly a common problem on all modern cars nowadays including Honda's

A poor mechanic would presume that was a alternator issue without the PROPER diagnostic tools.

Sounds to me like a bad earth, or something small. Could be a module too.

My advice would be, Go onto a honda forum and ask on there. There are honda specific mechanics on there they will tell you what they think it is. As your speedo dies, radio dies..ect they are obviously linked on the same loom/module/relay and eventually earth.
297/04/2014 Honda CRV Diesel 2.2 sport 2006

I've just been having very similar problems, battery light keeps coming on on the dash, then today the radio cut out whilst travelling, ABS and Airbag lights came on, got car home switched off engine then tried to restart it but lights came on, all flickering and car wouldn't start at all. The difference was I'd had a horrible rattling metallic noise coming from the alternator area of the car for a few weeks on and off and having had a mechanic test all the belts and pulleys he now is sure the alternator bearing is breaking down and the alternator isn't charging the battery (he's also checked the battery)

Now I'm hunting for another alternator hate cars when they go wrong!
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