Any caravanners? Advice on weights.

    It seems to be a minefield out there, with nowhere clarifying 100% on what you can tow.

    The car, a Meriva 1.7CDTi, which weighs 1400kg, so the 85% rule says 1200kg. However, the maximum towing weight is 1000kg. If the maximum laden mass is 1180kg on the caravan, would it still be safe and legal to tow, as long as the laden weight was kept below 1000kg?

    Or does the maximum towing weight refer to the maximum laden mass?


    not a caravan owner but just wanted to say my son is going with his friend to stay overnight in his caravan at the secc!

    Im no expert, but I ould have thought a meriva was bit too teeny weeny for a caravan.

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    That's a 1.3, this is a 1.7,…291 that does say the same though, 1200kg, but it is wrong, both the Vauxhall website and the plate on the car confirm that it is 1000kg


    Just goes to show, you can't always trust what you see on the net.
    Just one thing, nose weight is important also.

    The Caravan Club do an outfit matching service, you can ring up and give the details of your car and the caravan you are thinking of buying and they will tell you whether they are ok to match up.

    There is also lots of information on their website…est

    Happy caravanning! :thumbsup:
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