Any Carp Fishers out There?

    Need some advice.. Im looking at buying a bivvy but stuck between the 2 in the first comment. As im a novice any advice would be appreciated.

    Also what is the difference between the Nash Strongbow and the Nash strongbow MK2.. Is it worth paying £11 for the MK2?


    This mans using beer bottles. I'm not sure if cider cans would be any better?

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    Tbh I think the only reason ive picked the Nash STRONGBOW is because im a massive strongbow fan hahah

    Original Poster…dll?ViewItem&item=130533923661&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:GB:1123#ht_500wt_951

    I can get that for £80

    cant comment on the nash ones as I have a 2 man JRC bivvy, had it for a few years now & is ideal for my needs, I prefer 2 man bivvys as i like to have a bit of room for all my gear etc. Mine has ali-poles that feed in through the bivvy, my mate has a similiar bivvy to the nash one, but the ground sheet isn't sown in & its quite bulky when its collapsed down.

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    Im looking at spending no more then £130...

    Whats best in my budget.

    Would you say this one is worth £150…dll?ViewItem&item=390322914894&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_2688wt_990

    And what makes it better then the nash one?

    Yes, I'm carp at fishing, though I have to admit I'm carp at everything really.

    I have to agree with rich here as i always use 2 man bivvys when i go fishing. Big enough for chair to fit in and plenty of room for my tackle and gear at the back.

    With £130 you have got a good budget for a decent beginners bivvy.

    I had this…d80 when i first started fishing. Lasted me a few good years with no problems at all. Chose to upgrade to a larger size as kids started coming along with me.

    Another good one for beginners…c13


    Also…601 seems a good little deal.

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    Ive got a JRC aswell & cant fault it
    would also go for a 2 man, 1 man is ok for a single night but i prefer the extra room in a 2 man if im doing a few nights
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