Any carpenters, deciding to buy a budget Table Saw

Found 21st Feb
I need something cheap (I dont use them a lot), I know they might need "adjustment" especially the fences/guides are hit & miss at the budget end etc. I see good reviews for the Titan but B&Q have a scheppach HS100S for £125 instead of £149 on screwfix.
The only thing is pushing me towards the titan is the rip capacity looks loads better than the scheppach, but is the german brand gonna be a better buy (I could make a longer guide or reposition it..)
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I bought Scheppach years ago and it was the stuff of 'vorsprung durch technik'. Superb edges that needed the lightest of sanding (sharp blade helps). Now they are blue and I have no idea if that means new branding or still the same quality
You don't buy on how much you use it you buy on what you are going to cut. If you are going to cut thin boards you might as well just use a power saw, you can get tables for them. Major work over say 50mm you need a decent motor, sturdy table and very good safety measures. If I were buying now I would look at auctions for second benches you might get something decent and when you sell you'll get your money back.
I get what your saying, I have an old bench vice as the new ones aren't great but I'd rather get something new, I'm no engineer (jack of all trades master of none) so any major problems with it I'd be stuck. And the problem with this new stuff is its hard to know who is actually making the damn stuff...

What is very strange are all these tables look very similar. This pic shows the scheppach and a (parkers?) A "British" saw I found on ebay/amazon, same specs.

The only difference is about £5 . The Parkers (£119) one on the right has a longer guide (probably two guides bolted on instead of the scheppach on the left) and a 2 year warranty.

Then there is another carbon copy Vonhaus (only 1800w motor)

and the 1500w evolution
They are probably made in the same place, but who makes them? (5yr olds in China probably).
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