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Found 16th Feb 2011
BIG family weekend coming up. Have just been informed I "agreed" to do a pudding a few weeks back....I never, I only ever offer to bring bread / cheese etc.

All my other in laws are superb cooks so feeling a little daunted. My old standby of cheesecake really is not going to cut the mustard this weekend.

Would love some suggestions for something I could do in advance, large container and not too fussy but LOOKS impressive.

Not asking much I know!!

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Eton Mess

Nicely decorated cupcakes?

Shop bought randoms

Chocolate Nemesis

Recipe here
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A couple of pies eg, apple, rhubarb, cherry etc?
A big chocolate cake?

School Carmel cake (yum-yum)

16 krispy kream doughnuts

32 if ya feeling flush

job done

Devils food cake. So lush and if you want to cheat you can even get the betty crocker mix

Lol ,,,just kidding , tried costcos ?

They sell bulk cakes / puddings / large cakes etc

Banoffee pie is easy and looks good, I do it a lot. I also do millionaires shortcake and pavlova a lot

you can try pineapple mousse, i normally put it in a square pyrex dish, but can be put in individual dessert bowls.

1 elmlea cream
1/2 tin nestles condensed milk
pineapple jelly
1 big tin of del monte pineapple chunks or rings
crushed biscuits

get the jelly and melt in half the amount of water that is required. so if the box of jelly says 240 then you get 120 amount of water. (if that makes sense). once jelly has set which does not take that long, put pineapple chunks or rings in liquidiser with fresh cream. buzz that, add jelly, buzz and lastly add condensed milk buzz.

put in bowls or pyrex dish, then add sprinkled plain biscuit, i normally use rich tea biscuit. put it in the fridge to cool

tastes yummy!!

I should just take a selection of cheeses and a variety of different crackers....there are bound to be people there who hate puddings (I do) and will really enjoy the cheese + people often "graze" on the cheese after they have had some pudding.

4 x Asda £1 cheesecakes - easy.

Large fruit pavlova? Raspberry is my favourite.
You can make the meringue in advance as long as you keep it sealed in some sort of air-tight container. Then all you need to do is whip some cream and bung some raspberries on.

If you want it to look really good you can pipe the meringue into nice neat circles, and maybe do three layers of it. Then you can sandwich it all together at the end, again piping the cream if you want to.

tiramisu(spelling?) Iv made it a few times, its dead easy and very yummy, and if u don't have coffee liquor, use whatever u have, iv used madeira(?) , cointreau or dark rum instead.…113

+1 for tiramisu try the SFTW recipe. But dont use the tinned cherries from the supermarket they are tasteless, get a nice jar from somewhere


+1 for tiramisu try the SFTW recipe. But dont use the tinned cherries … +1 for tiramisu try the SFTW recipe. But dont use the tinned cherries from the supermarket they are tasteless, get a nice jar from somewhere

yum, that sounds so good, i love cherries!!

Fruit Meringue nests - You could prep a whole load of fresh fruit salad (if there are no kids - maybe even slop in some alcohol?) in advance and use shop bought nests. Pile the fruit onto the nests, add cream or ice cream and top off with mint spigs.
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Chocolate NemesisRecipe here

OK guys just back from a great weekend. This is the recipie I did, many thanks.

It was more work than I thought and v. expensive (I doubled the quantities). Loved by all but a bit pricey for a large group.

Did not set completely in the rectangular dish, only in the round flan dishes
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