Any chance of a God of War 3 price war?

    Or would I be better pre-ordering off amazon?


    i would like to say yes but i doubt it, i dont even think final fantasy will

    Can't see a price war happening,.

    But why pre-order from amazon? They are rubbish for delivery.

    If you order from:
    shopto, game, zavvi or The Hut
    you would get the game delivered on time if not slightly early.

    I doubt it. The game is not mainstream enough.

    You might get a few supermarkets knocking a fiver off in the first week but they only try to cut the throat of their competitors for really big sellers like GTA4 and COD. Like they only loss leader books for dross like Harry Potter and Dan Brown.

    I think it's Playstation only?

    If so, it's most certainly not going to be heavily discounted, as most people have never heard of it.

    For a ****-poor game like that? No chance.

    well god of war collection got better ratings than most games of this gen so i doubt the prices will be coming down on god of war 3 anytime soon.
    its more mainstream than uncharted was before the release of U2, and theres going to be a greater demand for GOW 3 so expect greater demand for it than U2.
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