Any chance of another wii U price drop

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Found 4th Dec 2014
I think its highly unlikely it will happen during there financial year which ends march 2015 but one can hope!

I want one so bad purely for the exclusives lol its no where on par with my gaming pc or ps4 and so I feel apprehensive paying the current price tag for comparatively weak hardware...why couldn't of they just made it actual next gen level instead of a stepping stone...so many good games tho, thats it only redeeming quality


There's every possibility that there'll be a price drop after their financial year. I think it'll depend on how they see the WiiU doing compare to their projections and if they think a price drop will make a significant difference.

I think you have already mentioned the WiiU's undeniable quality: games. I've got a ps4 and a WiiU but at this present moment in time, the WiiU has the best games bar none! While the ps4 looks like it'll be getting some very good games next year, Nintendo are not gonna be folding their hands and doing nothing.

And there are some absolutely gorgeous looking games on the WiiU (Donkey Kong, Super Mario 3D world, Mario Kart, Pikmin etc) that'll blow your mind. Nintendo just know how to get the best out of their hardware. it may not look realistic, but you'll be hard pressed to find better looking games.

Is this any good...


Hope it will meet your needs

It wouldn't be £150 if the specs were ps4 xbone.

Oh and buy a Wii u. play on it and save on the he cost of electricity. This will have the same effect as a price cut compared to running other console\pc

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Is this any … Is this any good...http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WIIU-BASIC-JUST-DANCE-2014-NINTENDOLAND-NEW-SUPER-MARIO-BROS-U-BUNDLE-/381076024650Hope it will meet your needs

very tempted to purchase this...I have £30 nectar points also...is this the best deal around? looks like it to me
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