Any Chance of Getting A 1440 x 900 i3 Laptop For About £500

    A colleague has asked me to look for a laptop for her and wants something of fairly decent quality. She has said that she'd prefer something with a higher resolution than the ones we have in work (WXGA 1366x768). Having seen Samsung and Asus i3 machines for around £350 I assumed I'd be able to find a reasonable i3 powered machine with WXGA+ or even better for about £500 but it appears to be a trickier task than I thought. I could have lost my shopping Mojo or is it just that they're not so easy to find?

    Can anybody recommend anything or should I just keep looking, or tell her to go for lower res or bigger screen?

    Any thoughts will be much appreciated. Oh yes, just to add a bit more to the challenge she'd like it to look "nice", or at least "not black"

    Thanks, Mike73


    What the dell outleet ones, studio xps are a good range. I ve got one and they just ooze class, like me Mr T!!

    Shoudl have used spoll checker on thot!!


    As above, Dell is the only decent option, lenova do some 1440 machines and also Acer have a couple of 1080p ones but not for £500

    Original Poster

    Cheers all, I'll mention the Dell Outlet option to her and see what she thinks, if she want's brand new then I guess she's going to have to go for lower resolution or bigger screen.
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