Any chance...of getting a 26" lcd for under £200?

    as title says...not worried about branding etc...hopefully a nice contrast ratio etc..main thing is id like one for under £200 (wouldnt we all??)

    not expecting much cos ive had a wee hawk-eye but i guess someone mite be able to spy a cracking dealio better than little old me!

    thanks in advance...repped obviously if anyone can help!!


    closest i can get is this

    £225 !!

    £198.44 after deductions (if they work)....


    £224.99 - 10% - 2% = £198.44

    10% off -…de/

    2% - Quidco

    £12.99 delivery unless you've got one near you.

    but thats only 22"

    You can get a refurbished 26" LCD for under £200 ?

    ebay, i got a 32" lcd tv for £225


    but thats only 22"

    So it is lol. For some reason they've listed it under 26".
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