Any charities that allow you to text amount below £3 as donations - using phone credit

    I've got around 6 sims each with around £2 or £3 on each. I know that there were charieties that you could text to get a picture e.g breast cancer - get a pic of a pink ribbon and it would cost £1.50 and operator charge.

    But ive tried the number i used ofr that a while back and its no longer working and i cant seem to find any other charities that do this after searching google.

    I'd rather donate than chuck the sims away


    Sorry i dont know the answer to that, but if push comes to shove just enter some competitions to use it up. You never know you might win.

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    Found this one through google for a £1 … Found this one through google for a £1 donation:


    Also Comic Relief do £1 text donations, I thnk it is 70001 but would need to double check.
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