any cheap and good driving lessons in Edinburgh

Found 4th Feb 2011
I am planning to take driving classes...They are about £20-£22 just wondering if i can get any cheaper...
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try RED mate
I wouldn't touch RED with a bargepole. Check out their online reviews - about 5% of them are negative, and the other 95% blatantly written by RED themselves. It's also kinda suspicious that Rajas registered just 59 minutes ago, only to post that.
Firstly why do people allways ask about "cheap driving lesson's" before anything else.My advice to you would be to ask around with friends and family to see if they have somone they could recommend to you( an instructor who will provide you with quality rather than cheap lesson's which would save you money in the long run!).Failing that ring around some local schools and rather than asking "how much do you charge" find out their pass rates,if they can fit you in at times you need lessons(some may not work at the hours when you may want your lessons) etc.
Secondly I agree with dxx,it does seem suspect that a reply about Red came from someone who has just joined the forum,and do some research before going with Red.They will offer you good rates(bogof on first lesson as an example) but the quality may not be there as many Red instructors are on a "Trainee licence" which means they are not yet qualified instructors but are able to teach before passing their 3rd and final exam.This would be another question you should ask any instructor you speak to,find out if they are fully qualified or if they are on a trainee licence,I am not saying all trainee's give bad instruction but when you consider the overall pass rate to become an instructor is only 34%,I'm sure you would rather know you are being taught by one of the 56% who are fully qualified.
i went with a cheaper driving school and the fella just wanted to talk all the time dragging out the lessons....

went with the AA in the end, cost an extra £5 an hour but definitely worth it ime

also agree with making sure they are fully qualified and not just started 6 months go
I agree with ukwomble, it's not the cheapest lessons you should be looking for as they might just drag out the lessons to make the money back.

I passed my test about 3 weeks ago in Edinburgh. I learnt with Happy Hour School of Motoring: They offer the 1st lesson free (no obligation) so you could try it and see if you liked the instructor etc.
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