Any cheap driving lessons around Southall?

    Would prefer evenings


    Driving isn't a cheap thing, when I learnt 6 years ago I was paying £20 an hour. Maybe look at companies that allow you go buy them 10 at a time with a small discount?

    I learnt last year in West Yorkshire it was £20 an hour

    this place is a good place to start


    this place is a good place to start

    ​surely you would have been feeling lucky on this one

    Bill Plant.

    First 5 lessons £55. That's £11 each.

    Try and go with personal recommendations from your friends if you can rather than just going with the cheapest. My sons driving instructor costs £25 a lesson or 10 for £230, which is about average in Essex. We could have got cheaper lessons, but this person came highly recommended by a few people who's children she had taught recently and had all passed relatively quickly.

    Could try Dhoot based by Sainsbury's in Hayes

    You want to book 2hour slots (to maximise driving time), I wouldn't go with the cheapest as they will be the cheapest for a reason.
    Ask around and see who anyone who passed recently used as an instructor.

    Remember filling up at the petrol station a few years back next to a driving instructor . He'd gone to town on the advertising and the car was emblazoned with offers like first lesson free , five lessons for £99 and all the usual stuff . He clearly hadn't thought it all through properly as he was advertising one week crash courses . Maybe not .....

    Go with the AA they do 10 sessions for £X. Better than learning to drive from some two bob "instructor" in his Peugot 306 with L plates and a magnet sticker slapped on the side. You get what you pay for.

    I would first understand a few points.

    You are your weakest link. You want cheap lessons or want to learn on the cheap.

    Learning to drive isn't cheap. I charge £25ph. Usual rate is £22-28 oh.

    Can you drive?
    Where have you driven?
    Theory done?
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