Any cheap option (bnb, youth hostel etc) in scarborough to kill the day on coming Friday ???

    Hi there,

    I have to serve as a chauffeur for my OH who has to attend a 9-5 course on Friday in Scarborough and I happen to have a day off on that day I wonder if somebody could suggest me a very cheap option preferably with wifi (free is better) where I could do some work online.

    I can use some library but most of them don't let plug in your laptop and then it is really hard to sit still for that long time for me

    Any options please !


    How about Macdonalds with their free wifi? :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    How about Macdonalds with their free wifi? :thumbsup:

    I am not sure they will let me sit there whole day and how much will I be able to eat there:-D

    Sit in the car park - check out the range :thumbsup:

    or....Breakfast....2 hrs...lunch....2 hours.....tea.......2 hours

    Plus you may get on "supersize me" ;-)
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