Posted 31st Jul 2021
I have a basic head unit on my bike which does what I need and I'm happy to use my phone to give me audio prompts when using offline maps saved to my phone. I'm currently using Komoot for that as I got a free "region" unlocked when I signed up but I'd like to get hold of the full package.

I've been using Komoot recently to plan my rides and find it pretty handy, especially the elevation and the approximate times it gives, but £30 is a bit on the steep side! I've seen a couple of short term promo's mentioned when I've searched on here, but everything is long since finished.

I've built up a decent bit of credit through google play rewards and would like to use that ideally. I went through my VPN and tried Komoot but even after clearing the browsing history on the phone's browser, it still showed in sterling. I checked the IP addresses and their locations were as they should be, Turkey, India etc.

I looked for ways to set up Strava Premium but it seems that you can no longer get away with using a VPN to set it up unless you happen to have a card from that country either.

Any suggestions for how to get either of these cheaper?
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