Any Cheapo Smartphone Suggestions? Phoned Died And Need A Cover For A Few Weeks

Found 17th Nov 2017Edited by:"louiselouise"
Okay, lovely people. My phone died yesterday. Has anyone any cheap (UK) suggestions for a smartphone to cover me for a few weeks? My Axon 7 was shipped yesterday - and my phone decided to die on me on the very same day. I'm guessing I still have a few weeks to go till my new one arrives...

I've had a rummage around ebay and Amazon Warehouse, not great results so far.

As for my old phone - the battery is on full charge, I've taken the battery out, I've tried a hard reboot (power/home/volume up). It's over the two year warranty, so, kaput, I think

Budget £50-60, obviously a second hand phone would get me better spec.
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