any coders about?

Posted 18th Jan 2021
the last coding i did was in pascal, and not the visual one either

mate has this small firm and as they are going thru a hard time i agreed to look at an old program he uses for crm, the company who wrote it went out of business a few years ago so there's no support available.
In this software is a basic document editor for his email/report templates etc
he has had a problem where on some of the templates the link to his own website in the template is taking some users to the now "sold on" domain of the company who wrote the software.
In the editor is a tiny button which is attributed to "show hyperlinks" but pressing this then displays [a] and [/a] at each end of the text with no link reference in sight, trid various searches for the domain eg "" at database and disk level.
As its on an old sbs server don't trust the search at all but nowt else on there to use,

anyone recognise the format of the hyperlink code/s [a] and [/a]?
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