any coders here?

Found 26th Jun
Any coders here? Basically what I need is to be able to set a countdown timer when a form is submitted, then form will then be locked until the days are up..the timer will be for 28 days when the form will become open for the user again. Is this possible to do? It is using wix.
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its possible, but probably not with Wix.

and there would be lots of ways around it, e.g using a cookie but clearing browser cache will get around that, using IP address but just reboot your router and you could potentially get around that.

Really the only way is to use a login, so for that registered user you can record the last time the form was submitted in a database and go from there but don't think that is possible with platforms such as wix.
Only real way to do that is server side scripting with either a database or file on the server, otherwise the user can just clear their local temporary files to bypass it.
Not sure if you can do it with Wix as a lot of free services don't allow server side scripting or databases.
Thank you for the replies.. i have managed to create a custom client specific profile page for the user which is user specific. wix has databases to link to which is where my form and user profiles are linked to. You think you could manage this task for me
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