any cold water fish experts out there ?


    So we are looking after some coldwater fish in a 80 litre tank with filter .
    The problem is they are all dieing and we don't know what to do . 8 have .died over the last 2/ 3 days
    They are fed x1 / day the normal food .
    We took a sample of water to pets at home who do testing for free , and they said the water is text book perfect - so what is it and what can we do ?
    Any usefull help appreciated and rep given


    its probably the fact that you are feeding them if they are actually being kept outdoors.
    They should not start to be fed until the beginning of may as the temps need to be higher in order for them to be able to digest their food. If they can not digest their food then they will die.....simple as that.
    So either you need to kepp them warmer or stop feeding them until the temps stay higher over night.

    Are the fish behaving normally? Do they show any signs of stress?

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    no , I suggested this to the pets at home staff member but she said if there was a problem with oxygen it would of showed up with the test they did -
    Shall we get one or some oxygenating plants as there are none

    as they are coldwater you can do the following

    replace 80% water
    add conditioner yes buy some plants and get a oxgenating pump also
    if poss get some melafix medication and add 10ml of that to the water

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    hi thanks all to the replies , they are indoor fish in a 80 litre tank - the owner has had them for 6 ish monthes , but has noticed the odd one dieing .

    I'm not sure what signs of stress are - they seem to be swimming round fine then as the hours pass by they go the surface and die ???

    have pets at home not suggested what may be wrong?

    if the water is fine, i would possibly try buying an air pump to force air/oxygen into the tank, plus the fish normally enjoy it!!



    yes thats fine with colwater fish i have always done that and have a perfectly fine healthy aquarium

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    no pets at home said that as the water test / diagnostic is fine , they don't know what to recommend ?!!!
    It's actually the BF friends fish , but he doesnt care and suggests the best thing is let them die !!!!

    do any any of the fish float, go lop sided, or have white spots or fungus on them?

    it would be a shame to let them all die, but if the person doesnt care about them, why not advertise the whole setup?

    it might be the fish he bought have something wrong with them, a similar thing happened to me, we bought alot of fish from one place and they all died apart from 2 fish that we had had for ages and are still going now.

    get some melafix medication and add 10ml of that to the water

    brilliant stuff

    Just a thought, you're not feeding them too much food are you?

    I know you said you're only feeding them once a day but they won't stop eating until it's too late.

    As a guide (speaking from memory here when we set our tank up) food should be eaten within 2 or 3 minutes - or there's too much.

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    hmmm well the owner told us too feed the fish x2/ day , but we have reduced this to once since yesterday


    we fed ours once a week, I reckon you're feeding them too much

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    yeah thats what pets at home told us , so we reduced it , but the owner was feeding them x2/ day for a couple of monthes and I don't think they were dropping like this ?
    Anyway I think we will go again to pets at home and get soe oxygen plants and oxygen pump -
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