Any computer boffins .....

    i need some help please ive just found out why quidco hasnt tracked half my things
    its because my norton 360 has removed the tracking cookies now ive been through the whole norton process and it says they can be reinstalled but it doesnt show or tell you how to....
    now ive tried using norton live help but i might as well talk to the goldfish...
    so if anyone can help id be very appreciative and maybe i can get my quidco money claims back on track


    it proberly has permi deleated those ones... if they havent open up the program and check the vault (search its help for location) but more than likly its removed them! had same problem so now use AVG which is free and had no problems though i would recomend that you also install Spybot search and destroy to get rid of any other nastys

    I personally dont use norton, I did but then realised it was eating a large amount of memory(as per the previous comment )I use AVG and spybot and also adaware- ALL free. in respect of the the cookies I also think that norton will have deleted them, in which case norton I think also prevents them (or will remove them again) from being installed.
    I, personally would go away from norton or see if the settings allows you to make exceptions/ignore certain cookies (as I havent used it I dont know if you can do that with norton, whereas I know u can do it with adaware)
    Good luck
    hope that helps
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