Any computer wizz kids around? Graphics Card issue

    I have an integrated ati mobo but I want to know if I can still use a geforce card in the PCI slot or does this mean I can only run Radeon Cards?


    No,you can use any Pcie graphics card,Just need to install the drivers

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    U sure as I have researched and some ppl say you can't do that, thats why I am asking the question as I will be buying geforce 9800gt

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    my motherboard is asus m2a-vm I downloaded the program, how do I know if it can run this card with the program?

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    ok, my specs are 8GB RAM, AMD PHENOM 9850 QUAD CORE, 500GB SATA DRIVE, LIGHTSCRIBE DVD,450W POWER SUPPLY, and an integrated radeon x1sumfin

    1 x PCI Express x16

    So the motherboard will support any Graphics Card that is PCI-E. Nvidia/ATi - doesn't matter.

    Bare in mind though some cards need additional power from the Power Supply, so you should be ensuring your PSU is also compatible with these more powerful cards and making sure it has enough juice to power everything.

    Also this motherboard is M-ATX (Micro) so if the case is also a Micro-ATX you may struggled to fit a card like the 9800GT in. You will have to check the dimensions of case with the dimensions of the card to check compatibility.

    Good luck! :thumbsup:

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    thanks for letting me know, I will check the dimensions, will my 450w power supply be enough?

    I believe you require 26 Amp on the 12V Rail (a sticker on the side of the PSU should give you this information) and a 6 pin PCI-E power connector (although an adapter can be used - comes with the card).

    The cards I believe are 9 inches long.

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    thanx rep left


    your spec is good enough to support pci-e

    but whats your graphics budget? 9800gtx arent higher performing than 8800gtx, 4850/4870's are better after using both

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    is hd4850 a better card than 9800gt for gaming?


    is hd4850 a better card than 9800gt for gaming?

    It does vary from game to game, but the general consensus is that the 4850 is an overall better performer.

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    how much is the hd4850 worth would you say? Im thinking of getting the 512mb

    At the time when most reviews for both cards took place the 9800GT was slightly more expensive than the 4850. That may have changed now, so if you save quite a bit of wedge by getting the 9800 it would probably be better getting that.

    Both cards should really retail around £100 as they are mid-range cards, so anything less is a good price, anything more and your probably paying over-the-odds.

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    I saw an ASUS 512mb hd4850 so does it make a difference between brands like saphire etc?

    It does depend on who and what card. Some manufacturers have overclocked versions of a card which they charge more for, some change the standard heatsink and fan to a quieter one etc. Most tend to use the same set-up (the reference example set by ATi).

    So unless you need a pre-overclocked card or a super quiet one, just go for the one that is the cheapest and offers the best warranty period. Do check the card specifications though, some manufacturers under-clock the cards, the opposite to over-clocking, sometimes this is the reason why one of their cards is much cheaper than the competition.

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    Thanks for you help phearfactor, I think I will be getting the ASUS one but most cards only have 12 months warranty. The only one which I know which has longer is BFG but they make geforce cards I believe

    I am not 100% sure but Sapphire and Asus I believe offer 2 and 3 year warranty cards sometimes. HIS I am sure offer 3 year warranty cards, but they do cost a fair bit more than the others. It is worth a look - just remember to find a handful of cards all around the same price point and compare their specification to work out which offers the best bang for the buck.

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    Thanks for all your help, will be checking out the warranty:thumbsup:
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