Any Congestion charge for hybrid cars

    Please can anyone tell me if I have to pay congestion charge for my hybrid car, or does it depend on the type of car before you can get exempt


    You can apparently apply for a discount but have to prove your emissions. Am sure a hybrid must chuck out less than 75g/klm though so if you are doing this regularly then apply.…ons

    Try the TFL (Transport for London) website. You should get all the info there. Bit difficult to tell you without the details of your car.

    You need to register beforehand-then there is no charge. However, when i went into London couple of years ago (with a hybrid), i hadnt registered beforehand (as i didnt realise you had to untill afterwards), phoned up expecting to have to talk my way out of a penalty charge, but lady on phone said there was none to pay. Bedt check latest updates though as it changes year on year. The registration thing was also a yearly thing to.

    Just quickly looking at the site, there is a lot of changes.

    It appears that my hybrid (toyota auris) wouldnt qualify as it emits too high an amount of co2 (89g)-so that would also rule out the majority of the best selling hybrids which are the Prius.

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    Mine is the Lexus RX 450h, so i am sure i would have to pay

    Yes, when I last looked in to this the Lexus doesn't meet the conditions. All previous exemptions expired earlier this year (June I think).

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