Any coverted garage or a space of 8 x 3m into a studio flat?

Posted 31st Dec 2019
Our house has a garage 8 x 3m which we we plan to convert to a studio flat, bedroom, storage, washroom, small kitchen unit.

We will consult with builders and architects but wanted to get an initial idea. Has anyone done something similar and if you dont mind, would you share a floorplan of some pics and how much it cosyed roughly?
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Just park a camper van in the garage. Job done.
If it comprises of a kitchen too... then you'll have to pay council tax on it as itd be cast a separate dwelling. Saying that.. before you even get to that stage- youd need to ascertain whether your local planning authority allow such a development; most will not approve such a structureas it sets a precedent for the rest of the neighbourhood and ofcourse brings with it issues of parking provision (or lack of) etc.

On second thoughts - some areas lack housing (way off the govt target) so I've no idea if rules and regs are now somewhat relaxed / or can be worked around by the authorities in your favour.

You can get a good idea if its permitted by looking around your area for something similar. Sometimes you may find conversions which are like donkeys years old - but- they'll be there cos theyve been overlooked and as time has passed, cant be knocked down or whatever.. they've got time in their side.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will pop by and give you concrete advice.

Think you really do need to speak to the planning dept- they'll advise best.

Oh- it may be there are 'conditions' on previously approved plans stating that you can not convert the garage w/out permission. Once you do apply for permission, can you then provide the extra parking space you're getting rid of (by changing the use of the garage)
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You also need to consider the Government’s Minimum Space standards for dwellings, bought in in 2015. Not all councils enforce it yet but for example.

A one bed one person flat requires 37 square metres of space minimum. A one bed two person flat is 50 square metres.

Your 8x3 garage would provide 24 square metres which is well below the standard.
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Can’t you just convert into an annex?
Best quote I got was 8k all in. Which we took.
Toptrumpet31/12/2019 10:49

@Predikuesi @Paddy_o_furniture any ideas on cost?

Mine cost just over 10k. We had a double door into the garden fitted, door into the house and window. Also the loft of the garage was boarded for storage. Walls, floors and roof was fitted with Kingspan. We got top spec on everything, hence the price. We were quoted much cheaper by other builders, but I wasn't convinced they'd do a good job. Our builder lives five houses away.
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