Any cyclists/mountain bikers out there?

Decided to take my chain off my bike to give it a good clean, but i now need a pin to put it back together, don't really know what type i need or where to get it.

It's a KMC Z-72 chain 8 speed if thats any help?


Probably best either buying a new chain (a cheap spare if need be) or going to a local cycle shop and seeing what they say.

hopefully you didn't push the pin all the way out in which case you need a chain removal tool ( usually about £5) at halford and use it in reverse to push the pin back into the link
.. however if you did push the pin out completely then you need to shorten the chain by removing a link but remembering to leave the pin part of the way in .. if it's an 8 speed setup you should still be able to fit the chain as it will be long enough...sounds complicated in description but easy to do if you work it out in your mind ..alternatively just take the bike to halfords when they're not very busy and I'm sure one their friendly staff will be happy to fit a half link for you ...just make sure they're over 19...anything under age 19 forget it as you could be endangering your life by letting them near your bike ..I only let the one mech in halfords ( charlton) near my bike .. chap called shambu... the rest of them well that's another story ... I ride trials and cannot take risks in the quality of service!!

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Yeah I stupidly took the pin all the way out, I'll try removing another pin

don't have a halfords over here so that's not really an option

thanks for your help
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