Any deal for Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360 ?

    Can't find any in stock, the solus version. They are on eBay for 40 quid but it is quite expensive. Is there any deal at the moment for about 25-30 for Rock Band 2 game only ?



    type in title and itl give u a list of all of the shops selling the game and how much for.

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    acecatcher3;3789853£24.99 at cd wow

    This is Rock Band 1 not 2

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    This one is for £49.99. As stated in my first post I am asking if there is any deal for up to £30.00 but I dont know if we can find any at the mo

    if u hit the link i gave u the cheapest one is £37......u wont find cheaper than that atm
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