Any deals around for Ipod Nano's?

    My 2yr old has hidden my old mp3 player so I've decided its time for an Ipod now!!

    Are there any good deals around - everywhere I've looked so far has been more or less the same price

    Looking for 8gb but would consider 16gb if a great deal


    If you still have a VCR have a look in there... thats the first place i always used to look ;o)

    i remember back, 14years ago when i was like 3, hiding post in the VCR and small other objects i could find ahaaha

    as for the ipod, touches ar ehte way to go i love mine but try checking out ipods here, its the argos clearance site on ebay

    well scrap that then, but find your way round and onto the argos clearance store on ebay
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