Any deals for a 40-43" LED for under £400.00?

Posted 14th Jun 2021
My Samsung 40" K5500 Series samsung has just packed up, probably doesnt help I vape and there was a sticky mess behind my TV, that will stop on my new TV.

My screen has started to flicker on 1 side and I called john lewis and richer sounds and they have no record of me buying it, so I think I need to buy new. I cant remember when or where I bought it.

The TV is for my bedroom, so I dont need anything special.

Maybe a LG, Samsung or Sony. 4K would be great as I dont have any 4K TV's in my house, but have 4K Netflix and Sky, but happy with 1080p for a great deal.

I have been out of the TV game for quite some time, so unsure if there are any amazing deals for this type of TV right now?

I do have a sweet spot for LG, but happy to look at others.

Thanks so much
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