Any deals for the PS4 on 0% credit?

Found 13th Dec 2014
Hello everyone,

I have been asked several times by my Sister, who's a bit skint at the moment (due to our Mum passing away and now having to maintain a one bedroom flat by herself) if there's an deals on PS4 bundles where see can spread the cost over a long time, whilst not incurring interest? (As sort of a Xmas pressie to herself.....) I did say it might be worth getting a credit card with a 0% offer on, and buying it with that, then cutting it up........

I would love to buy it for her, but as I've just had a pay cut at work (on top of no increase in three years!) I'll be having a very "low-key" Xmas, myself!

Many thanks in advance
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Best bet would be a 0% interest credit card. Anywhere I've seen low/0% interest in stores the console itself is very expensive to make up for it. At least with a credit card you can avail of one of the many good deals that are getting posted.

However, I'd be asking myself in your case is a PS4 worth it for her if she's struggling. It's a very big purchase if she's not got a lot of money to throw around and a PS3 or Xbox 360 would possibly be a better option with 1000s of games, very good graphics. A PS4 I'd view as a luxury item that you buy when times are not as hard.

I would suggest very.com you can get it on a buy now pay in 9 months but if you pay it up before the 9 months you won't have to pay any interest on it.
Thanks for the replies. I should have put in the OP that my Sister has a PS3, that has just packed up. She was thinking of heading down the PS4 route, as it seems stupid to just buy another when she could add that money into the pot and make the jump to the PS4 (A lot of her online friends have already moved onto the newer console......)
The downside to going with a PS4 if she already has a PS3 is that they are not backward game consoles so you would have to purchase all new games which I can assure you are not cheap
Another vote for very.co.uk, but work out if she can afford to pay it back in 12 months first. It's interest free for 12 months, but if you haven't paid it off by then, they'll add on the whole 12 months worth of interest onto your balance. They count on people not doing this to make their money.


Use the code 4JLNY for 10% off your first credit order, which knocks £35 off the price. She can probably sell the PS3 for repairs even if its broken and use the money towards a PS4.
argos card would be best bet
This is great info. Just how does the Argos card work? How long would she get at the 0% interest rate?

I think my Sister does indeed have a Very account already (Don't know if she's used it, though.....)

Will she have to use this code? "Choose to Pay nothing for 12 months** when you spend £200 or more - quote 4JX7F"

EDIT: Could she sell the games that come with the console at Very? (Are they actual copies of the games?)

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poss littlewoods catalogue or argos and do it over a set time.
buying a ps4 on credit when you're skint? is she CRAZY?
We did ours on the Argos card - we got 6 months for the PS4. We decided a few days later to get another controller which I believe they then gave us 3 months interest free on that. I think the length of the interest free period relates to how much you spend. It looks like Your text here if you apply for a new card it's 12 months. Scroll almost to the bottom of the link and it shows you the interest free period. I know when we got the card last year we got 12 months.

buying a ps4 on credit when you're skint? is she CRAZY?

^^^^ this. if you're skint I'm sure there are better things to spend money on.

^^^^ this. if you're skint I'm sure there are better things to spend … ^^^^ this. if you're skint I'm sure there are better things to spend money on.

So much this. £350 is like 2 months food shopping, for a single person.
Credit card is the best bet?
We went to very, we're paying over 9 months - but we had to buy a new tv too, the ps4 only plus in to an hdmi port, not like the ps3.
I'm afraid I wouldn't advise putting yourself in debt for a luxury item. Cars are different and a necessity. Better selling ps3 and games/controllers then saving up the difference.
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