Any deals on Central Heating Boilers?

Found 2nd Apr 2011
Are all the trade-in offers long-gone?

Looking for a new combi boiler.
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Oh, I'd be interested int hsi if you found out anything. have a free bump!
Im a plumber and as far as i know the gov has stopped this now. You may find British gas offering some sort of deal like this but they add there money on else where.

I have just bought my house and im opting for a BIASI ACTIVA HE 30C COMBI BOILER. Comes with five year warranty. If i had the money the obvious choice would be a valiant or worcester, but at half the price with the same warranty i cant go wrong.

Plus working for a landlord i have installed 3 of these boilers in his 200 properties and never get call outs to this model. (yet) =p

Hope this helps
Thanks for reply.

I have Worcester Bosch which was serviced recently. It is, the engineer said, 85% efficient despite being 15 years old. In the last few days it has started to leak a little. A different engineer said that to repair would be £200, so might as well get a new boiler.

So - in a bit of a quandary - especially as the leak has now stopped!
If it aint broke dont fix it i say =)
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