Any deals on the go for a brand new Sky + subscriber?

    Im moving into my new flat in a fortnight and am looking to get the sky, speak, surf package with sky. Does anyone know of any offers available for new customers?


    Recent one I saw was a Recommend a friend and you both get the Sky+ box for free (you still pay a £30 connection fee) instead of the £99 they normally ask.
    So if you've got a friend :friends:who's already a sky customer & wants a sky+ box, get them to recommend you - If not send a private message to me and I'll recommend you, could do with sky+ ;-)

    Look around though there may be other offers which may suit you more

    I have a code for the free intallation and a free sky+ box must be done by 14th March

    I also have a code for free sky+ box, must be used by 14th March

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    Thanks guys but I don't move in to the property until 24th March!

    Hi Mate, might be worth doing it in stages as I think (from memory) its £150 quidco for the Sky, and £10 for broadband and £5 for sky talk. If you did it all in 1 transaction i'm not sure if they'd pay it all?

    Also, I just negotiated myself a Sky+ upgrade, gave them the old "keep missing my favourite programs" line and got a brand new box and installation for £69 all in.

    Couldn't you use your recommended by a friend option before 14th March and then it installed when you move in? Assuming that you are definately moving in

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    BT are not connecting my line until 24th.

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    Does anyone know if quidco is definitely tracking for the £150?

    Can some one please tell me the code for the free Sky + box? I may be interested, thanks.:-D

    go through quidco m8... £150 quid in your pocket


    Can some one please tell me the code for the free Sky + box? I may be … Can some one please tell me the code for the free Sky + box? I may be interested, thanks.:-D

    You need to be a new customer and get an existing one to refer you. Just phone up saying that so and so refered you and they get £50 M&S vouchers and you get free sky +

    I've just recommended a friend and their sky plus was installed within a week and mine was put in by three weeks after they had made their first payment. My son is now going to get a place of his own and wants sky+ so I will recommend him and get £50 of M & S vouchers. Just get someone already on sky and it helps them too. £30 installation fee.

    Remember that BBC/ITV sponsored freesat is due to come online in the Spring.
    I'm holding out for that personally.
    One off cost rather than Sky+ subscription.…php
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