Any Deals on Wireless Routers?

    any advice welcome :-)


    [SIZE=2]DSL or ADSL ?[/SIZE]

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    dsl sorry for being vague


    [SIZE=2]DSL or ADSL ?[/SIZE]

    Just a small point but DSL and ADSL are essentially the same thing (ADSL is just DSL with different speeds upstream and downstream, as the A stands for Asymmetric), BT consumer lines only support ADSL and variations of ADSL like RADSL, but any decent ADSL modem/router will support all of those so it's a non issue.

    The question really should be ADSL (BT line or LLU) or Cable (Virgin Media).


    dsl sorry for being vague

    I'm assuming you mean ADSL not Cable, so personally I'd go for one of these: ]http//ww…521 at £29.89. An excellent piece of kit, reputable brand, comprehensive security features, easy to set up and comes with a free USB wireless adapter.

    richystix for £23.99 plus you can get quidco cashback.UKDVDR have one at £26.99 have some at £27.65 of these are a lot cheaper than when I bought mine a few months ago :x

    Please note all richystix's suggestions are just routers, they are not modems. You will still need a separate modem for connecting to the internet if you brought one of these. I find tend to find a lot of people asking for routers actually want an all in one modem and router solution (hence my suggestion above) as they're not sure of the distinction.
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