Any Dell Coupons (Free Delivery?)

    Just found the perfect set up for my O/H at Dell's webiste.
    problem is, the total comes to 216 pounds and they add a whopping 60 pound shipping fee.
    I know the machine I want is a bargain but the shipping fee just puts it out of the budget for what we want.

    anyone know any codes/vouchers or anything?
    I called Dell to ask (and also to check something about the graphics card) and the man I spoke to was without doubt the rudest, pushest person I have ever dealt with, he actually used the term "well it's tough isn't it, you'll just have to pay it or go away"


    Whenever Dell offer free shipping they do this by putting the price of the PC up £60.

    Dont look at the cost of the shipping, just look at the cost of the whole deal (PC and shipping combined).

    You say it is £216 but I bet you would have trouble buying a similar PC anywhere else for less than £216 (you dont give details but if it is a whole system then £216 is a great deal).

    Even if it is just the system unit then £216 is still pretty good.

    After all if you take off the £60 you are asking them to sell you a PC for about £156, which they would probably lose money on.

    Original Poster

    it's £216 before the shipping fee
    making it £290 after shipping and VAT
    still not a bad deal but it stings.

    have a look at dell outlet, where they sell reconditioned Dell computers they were donig free delivery last week…dfo

    check out both the home and business sites might be worth a look
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