any differece in hdmi cables?

Found 26th Dec 2008
hi might seem like abit of a silly question but is there any difference at all in hdmi cables? i have just boughta full hd 1080p lcd i previoulsy had a 720p maximum lcd,is this expensive gold plated hdmi cable lark all a bit of acon? will my cheap 9.99 hdmi i bought from give me the same pic quality on my ps3 as a expensive one? thnaks
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Personalli, I'd say no. They all do the same job. WE've just bought one for the PS3 for £5. What difference will gold plateing it do? If any knows please tell!
AFAIK, there is a difference when they extend beyond 5m in length - any shorter and there's none. Someone may wish to correct/flame.
With the release of many HDMI enabled equipment, especially the PS3, HDMI cables are becoming more of an importance.

This is to answer the following question most commonly asked:

"Is there a difference between an unbranded £10 HDMI Cable and a branded £100 HDMI Cable".

I've been asked this question many times myself. I thought I would write a short breif guide to clear some matters up.

The short answer is: NO

An expensive HDMI cable will make NO difference in the quality of your picture or sound.

This is because the way digital signals work. Not getting too technical, digital signals consists of ZEROs and ONEs (0's and 1's) travelling along the cable. A expensive branded cable is not going to make the 0s and 1s any brighter, vivid or sharper. Its just 0s and 1s. It just needs to travel from the source to the destination. Either it gets there or it doesn't.

With digital, you either get a picture or not, theres no quality difference. Think about your Sky digital box. Have you ever got a weak signal, picture fading etc... not really, you either have a picture or you dont.

Digital does not work in the same way analog does. Analog was subject to interferences, weak signals etc and therefore suffered quality loss as a result. A better quality cable may be needed for anlaog, but the principle does not apply to digital.

Mnufacturers are taking advantage of cosumers lack of knowledge about HD or digital technology. they use clever marketing technique for force you to buy their expensive equipment.

I such technique is "You have spent thousands of pounds on a HD Ready LCD TV, HD-DVD/Blu Ray, PS3 or any other electonics, why slimp on a HDMI cable"

Dont be fooled. I suggest you do your own research and discover the facts beforehand. There is a wealth of information on the internet, particularly many internet forums.
No Difference really,
The one that kills me is TosLink with gold plated ends for £30 extra i mean WTF!!??
thanks just wanted to confirm what i thought already,i know a guy who paid 100quid for his hdmi cable for his 50 inch lcd
I thought you got what you paid for
until my father inlaw had trouble with a £30 cable he got from currys(carn't remember brand)
Connected from his pany dvd recorder to his 32"pany lcd
signal was great while watching a dvd

BUT when watching freeview on the tv and the dvdr turned on to record the signal went from 100% to about 20% and started to pixelate and freeze
a £12 panasonic hdmi cable worked great
Goes to show price isn't everything
I brought a new LCD 1080p Full HD tv couple of months ago from currys, the salesman tried to sell me an HDMI cable for £70 i asked whats the difference between this one and one for a fiver of the web, all he could say was because it was gold plated.

Mine works fine in my PS3.
" Gold plated " is a waste of space, because they all plug in to a nickel plated socket, better off with a bog standard nickel plated one.
Stuff magazone (3 for £3 - see deals) tested cables last month and concluded there was no difference. From memory I'm sure the £100+ cable scored worse than the £10 cable!

Stuff magazone (3 for £3 - see deals) tested cables last month and … Stuff magazone (3 for £3 - see deals) tested cables last month and concluded there was no difference. From memory I'm sure the £100+ cable scored worse than the £10 cable!

i find that really funny...
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