Any Dreamweaver or HTML experts around please?

Posted 5th Nov
My predecessor created a webpage (on the internal network) at work that provides links to useful documents which is ok but not very user friendly. It's got 10 or so tabs across the top to each section i.e admin / engineering etc
Then each page has titles of each document which when clicked is hyperlinked and opens up the corresponding pdf or word doc.

Trouble is you've got to know which tab/page to look to then try and find what you are eventually after.

Is it possible to create a search box on the homepage that will search every tab (i.e. the whole website) rather than just the current viewed screen (using control + f)

Hopefully doing a course on Dreamweaver soon so will be more able myself but until then any help will be appreciated

Many thanks
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Install a LAMP or WAMP in a linux virtual machine, install wordpress, couple of plugins and jobs a good un. I'm running a VM with ubuntu 18.04. I've set up our work and sister companies workplace intranet up using wordpress. Simple to use and lots of good free plugins out there to turn wordpress into an intranet if you are prepared to spend some time looking for them.

Search function built in as that would be a complete pain trying to set up a search function in Dreamweaver...although i used to use Ultradev many years ago which was kind of the better version of Dreamweaver.
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