Any Dual sim for iPhone 3G ?


    I am thinking of getting a iphoe 3G on pay as you go as i already have an O2 pay monthly contract which i only upgraded 2 months back.

    iPhone pay as you go come with unliminted wi-fi and data for first 12 months. but as i understand i will have to use the new simcard that comes with the phone.

    Has anyone used dual sim adaptors on iphone 3G. i am getting conflicting reports from internet with regards to whetehr it can be used in iphone 3G or not?

    If anyone's used it can you please send me link to the product to buy?



    i bought a couple of them from the internet
    a 12th Gen and a 20th Gen
    both worked initaly in my N95 but after 24hours or so started to have issues and only recognised one of the Sim's
    (can sell you them both for £10 including delivery if you want to try,)
    there are folks out there who say these work fine for them
    but i had an unlocked Vodafone handset with their sim and an O2 sim as well
    so just have 2 handsets till December when my Vodafone contract expires

    The slot only has room for 1 sim and it's a really awkward design, unless someone has managed to produce an entire new sim holder tray for the iPhone specifically then it won't work, go into a shop and ask them to show you the sim holder on the iPhone and you'll understand.

    Here we go matey, try this ive just ordered one for my iphone.

    type this into the search on ebay.

    iPhone 3G, 3GS Dual SIM Kit + USB Cable + Power Pack

    They do black and white. Ive just ordered one.
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